Fee Schedule Missouri
Schedule examples, returned item fees and late fees

Florida Financial Management, LLC d/b/a Lend A Dollar is regulated by: Missouri Division of Finance, P.O. Box 716 Jefferson City, MO. 65102-0716, (573)-751-3463


Amount of Loan Loan Terms (Days) Interest Paid to Lender Total of Payments Each of the 11 Installments Annual Percentage Rate
$300 154 $989.54 $989.54 $89.96 730%
$500 154 $1649.19 $1649.19 $149.93 730%
$800 154 $2638.34 $2638.34 $239.84 730%

Actual costs can vary depending on the amount of the loan, term of the loan and the repayment schedule (including bank holidays). This chart assumes that the Loan term is 154 days and payments will be made bi-weekly and the first payment occurs on the 14th day after Loan origination.

Loan Origination Fee (Prepaid Finance Charge):

You agree to pay us a loan origination fee equal to 10% of the Amount Financed for this Loan Agreement, up to a maximum of $100. This loan origination fee is fully earned at the time the loan proceeds for this Loan Agreement are disbursed and will not be refunded upon any prepayment or acceleration of the Loan Agreement.


If your scheduled payment is in default for 15 or more days, you will owe us a late charge of $15.00, provided that if the scheduled payment in default is $25 or less, we will not charge a late charge.


If any item, including a check or like instrument, that is presented by you for payment on this loan is returned unpaid for any reason by any financial institution, you agree to pay us a reasonable service fee of $25. To the extent we are assessed a fee by your financial institution for the returned item, you may also be required to pay us an amount equal to the actual fees charged to us by the financial institution for any item that is returned unpaid.