Lend A Dollar offers a variety of methods for you to repay your account and become a VIP customer.

How do I become VIP?

By making your payments on time, you may qualify for a VIP program.

VIP Benefits

Lend A Dollar VIP customers take advantage from a range of benefits, such as: quick approval, higher credit limit and One-Click loan renewal.


Please refer to your Loan Agreement for the legally binding Terms & Conditions of your loan.

Interest & Repayments

For information on Interest charged by the lender as well as the Credit Access Business fees charged by Lend A Dollar, please refer to your loan documents, where you will find detailed explanation of the cost associated with your loan.

Loan repayments are typically 14 days but may vary based on your payday and loan origination date. The first payment may be less than 14 days.

You can pay early or more frequently without any penalty. Every time you make a payment, it reduces your principal balance, and the loan interest is immediately adjusted.

If you agree to the ACH Authorization / Debit Card Authorization, the money will be drawn automatically from your bank account. Alternatively, you can pay using a debit card – we accept all the major brands (VISA, MasterCard), electronic check if authorized or using bill payment networks (Western Union, MoneyGram). You can change your payment method online using our 24/7 customer service portal.

To discuss your payment options, please contact our Customer Service department.